Yeah Yeah Yeah

YEAH YEAH YEAH: THE STORY OF MODERN POP is in the shops now, and has been getting some very flattering reviews.

The DELUXE edition, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies, comes with a signed, cloth-and-foil bound hardback book, with fantastic, exclusive artwork by Ditto Press of Shacklewell, a set of four badges, a set of four postcards, a YEAH YEAH YEAH tote bag, and, best of all, a 7” single specially chosen by the author. Bob will write you a handwritten postcard explaining why he’s chosen the record and why it’s an important record to him. Take a look at the full package here:

Each single will be a key moment from the story of pop, hand-picked from his favourite stores (no charity shop junk!) and each single will be unique. (Bob’s “had to” go record shopping for these, which I’m sure you can imagine, he hated every second of.)

Then there are 10 SUPER DELUXE copies will come with all of the above, plus an additional mix CD made by Bob, with his own hand-made artwork. Each CD will be different, and will tell the story of one of the author’s favourite genres or themes which are important to the story of Modern Pop, as told in the book.

Lastly, for something really special, the ULTRA-DELUXE #1 of 100 will also come with the opportunity for you to spend a day in London hanging out with Bob, on an off-the-beaten-track tour of his favourite cafes and record shops. He might swear you to secrecy on some of these! As well as the box of goodies and an exclusively chosen single, this also comes with ALL TEN of the limited edition CDs, each one with individually handmade artwork by Bob. This is STRICTLY A ONE OFF.

100 x Deluxe edition: £150
10 x Super Deluxe edition: £180
1 x Ultra Deluxe edition: £500

On Wednesday October 9th at 5pm BST, everyone on the Saint Etienne mailing list will be given a link to buy these. So if you want to be in with a chance, make sure you’re signed up at, using the “sign up for updates” box in the top right corner.

You can also order the regular paperback here:,bob-stanley-9780571281978